Which Wine with Vegetarian Food?

There are no rules when it comes to pairing wine with food. There are only guidelines. The easiest way to work out a great combination is to consider the weight of the meal. If the food is 'heavy' then full bodied wines will work well. If the food is 'light' then lighter wines will probably work better.

Heavy Tomato Sauce or dark bean based dishes go well with fruity reds

Think about choosing a syrah, cabernet sauvignon or even a chianti with the richer vegetarian dishes.

For a wine to go with lighter egg-based vegetarian dishes you should find that white wines such as sauvignon blanc go particularly well.

For mushroom based dishes we particularly like pinot noir. However with the really earthy mushroom flavours (shitake for example) earthy reds such as Burgundy or Shiraz can be wonderful.

With a really spicy vegetardish a german gewurztraminer can be delighful. However, if you find you like this wine then next time go for a French Gewurztraminer from Alsace. They are usually more expensive, but they really taste wonderful.

Gewurztraminer also pairs well with vegetarian pies, particularly those with a creamy filling.