Which Wine with Turkey Dishes?

Turkey is a great bird because it works equally well with both red and white wines.

Wines with roast turkey dishes

With Christmas or thanksgiving dinners, the traditional turkey goes with lots of 'trimmings'. To match your meal and wine perfectly think about all those other flavous that you will be eating alongside the bird. For example a herby stuffing can actually be the dominant flavour on the plate so find a wine that does not fight with that.

A Chardonnay can be an excellent choice for a white wine with roast turkey. We would advise you to opt for a lightly oaked version. Californian chardonnay is currently undergoing a rennaisance.

If you are looking for a red, look no further than french Pinot Noir. Many great wines from Burgundy are mostly Pinot Noir.

Which wine with christmas roast turkey

At christmas the wine should please the palettes of everyone round the table, so don't get too esoteric in your choices