Which Wine with Rabbit

Rabbit is a delicious meat but in some countries (especially the UK and USA) it is often overlooked. In France and Canada they enjoy rabbit in many interesting ways and know about what wine pairings work with rabbit.

My personal favourite is to opt for a white Gewurztraminer wine. These wines originated in Europe and the really excellent ones are grown in the Alsace region of northern France. Having said that, Gewurztraminer wine is produced all over the world and many other countries produce excellent examples.

The wine is characterised as fruity and floral, with a strong bouquet, which makes it a perfect accompanyment to low-fat lightly flavoured rabbit meat.

In France rabbit is served with mustard and cream and this is where the Gewurztraminer seems to provide the most perfect compliment.

However, if you are eating rabbit in the Italian style (with tomatoes and wild herbs, a Chianti wine can work just as well.

A dry Riesling would be a good alternative for a rabbit tureen or pie.