Match Wine with Pumkin dishes

Choosing a wine to drink with Pumkins and Squashes when they are the main ingredient in a dish is less obvious than many people think.


We particularly like pinot noir based blends when there is lots of cinnamon in the dish, and when there is also a good hit of chilli pepper, even a chianti can be the perfect accopmpaniment.

We read a report of a pumkin risotto being pared with champagne. I think the point is that if the risotto is peppery and has lots of sage, then a sharply acidic wine will cut it nicely. If you cannot run to champagne, try any young chardonnay (unoaked for preserence) and see if you agree.

If your pumkin dish is a desert such as the traditional pumkin pie in North America, a desert wine such as a Canadian Ice Wine is a mind-blowingly good choice.