Wine Glasses

Chosing the perfect wine glasses

A great wine glass enhances the pleasure of drinking a good wine. Wines are meant to be enjoyed at leisure and so choosing wine glasses that feel good in you hand and look good on the table is a luxury we should all take part in.

wine glass

Great wine glasses are not necessarily expensive. The cost is not the issue that should guide you. When buying wine glasses be guided by your senses of touch and sight.

There are few real rules when it comes to shapes or sizes of wine glasses either. However, be sensible. If you will be serving these to friends, then wine glasses that hold an entire bottle are never going to be appropriate. The traditional guidelines about shapes is that the wider bowled glasses are best for rich red wines, whereas a thinner bowl is usually reserved for white wines. Chamapagne is traditionally served in tall 'flutes' with straight sides.

Companies such as Waterford in Ireland, Dartington in England and Orrefors from Sweden have a great reputation for producing top quality crystal glasses which are cut to reflect light in beautiful ways. Riedel have been producing fine wine glasses for hundreds of years and their wares are much sought after.