Which Wine with Duck Dishes?

Duck is not a common menu item and so people are often at a bit of a loss for what wine to serve with it..

Remember that the essential nature of duck is sweet and fatty. Therefore a 'greasy' wine such as a voigner or chardonnay which is often served with chicken will not work so well. Think about the gamey flavours and opt for a strong Burgundy red instead. A robust Pinot is just what a duck needs.

However, if the duck is being served with an orange sauce, then a chardonnay suddenly becomes an excellent accompaniment.

Wines with crispy duck

When we eat chinese food we often opt for crispy duck. It was by chance that my wife discovered the heavenly but curious pairing that is crispy duck with chilled port. Normally port wine is not served with food, and nor is it served chilled, but with crispy duck I urge you to break the rules and experience a taste sensation. I have no idea where she came up with that idea from, but I love her more than ever for it.