Scotch Whisky

Scotch Whisky- the basic facts.

I only started enjoying whisky after being taught about it by a true Scot with the un scottish name of Pierre Montramand. He started by telling me why I should never order Scotch with ice. The subtle, beguiling and aromatic essential oils that flavour Scotch Whisky are only released at body temperature. By drinking it with ice all that you smell and taste are the heavy peaty industrial metallic flavors which without the floral, fruity and other organic notes make for a distinctly unappetizing drink.

Don't like the taste of whisky?

If you cannot take the strength of pure Scotch then water it down with plain spring water. This is a perfectly acceptable way to drink Whisky. With a good malt. For instance, I love drinking Dalwhinnie whisky straight, but when drunk with water you get an amazing extra smokiness and no burn at the back of throat.

We have written evidence going back to 1494 of the people of Scotland distilling whisky made from the same three ingredients; barley, water and yeast that are still used today.

Here are some good single malt whiskies for you to try:

I also promised to let the world know that it is always spelled Whisky. Never write Whiskey (with the extra 'e') unless you are writing about Irish Whiskey.

Where does the word Whisky come from?

The origin of the word whisky is the gaelic phrase "uisce beatha". This is simple to translate as 'the water of life'.

Can Whisky really cure a cold?

Once someone has drunk a wee dram they are aptto become free with their speech, so take tales of miracle cures with a pinch of salt. However, if you have a stinking head cold then a tot of whisky with boiling water, sugar and lemons and cloves certainly makes you feel a lot better.