Rosé Wine

Learn all about Rosé wine

Rosé seems to drop in and out of fashion quite regularly. In the 1980s it was all the rage but by 1995 you couldn't give it away. It had become the height of naffness to offer Rosé to your guests. Thankfully fashion has swung once more and some fabulous Rosé wines ae available in the shops. .

What is Rosé wine?

People sometimes mistakenly believe that Rose Wine is just a 50/50 blend of red wine and white wine. While this was once the case, the truth today is that Rose wine is made from red grape-varieties only (athough a few makers blend in some white grapes for a lighter Rose).

Rosé wine is created by one of two methods.

The first is allowing the pressed grape juice to sit in the crushed grape skins for an hour to take up some of their colour. After that the rose is then made in exactly the same way as a normal white wine.

The second method for making Rose Wine is actually a by-product of a process called bleeding or saignée. In this technique a red wine is strengthened by removing some juice at an early stage of the brewing process. The removed liquid is lighter and has low tannins and can itself be turned into a rose wine.

White Zinfandel is the popular Rose variety that is actually made by bleeding red Zinfandel.