Exotic Wines

There are great wines to be found when you head off the beaten track and discover that winemaking in some countries is flourishing, despite (or sometimes perhaps because) there is no international distribution.

The Wines of Croatia

The dalmatian coast of Croatia is where you will find some of the finest wines on earth.

Grk. ( pronounced "gurk'' which rhymes with "turk") is a grape varity grown only around the village of Lumbarda on the island of Korcula, 2 hours drive north west from Dubrovnik.

Grk grows in fine sandy soil and is processed into a rich desert wine that when conditions are right is a match for absolutely any other desert wine on the planet.

Sadly, there is no export market due to the low volumes of production, a hangover from the communist years when private individuals were limited to making wine only for the state or their own consumption.

Posip white wines from the middle of the island are again intensly rich with a buttery quality rarely found in more well known whites.

The reds of the area are equally worthy of exploration, in particular. Just a mile across the water from Korcula on the Peljesac peninsula a wine called Plavac Mali is curiously reminicient of a Zinfandel but with much more added depth and many harmonious notes not found in its rather insipid californian cousin.

Dingac and Postup are two more local wines which are of variable quality, ranging from stunningly good to undrinkable, depending on the skill of the local vintner.