All about Chardonnay wine

Chardonnay has had an image problem of late. Lots of poor quality cheap Chardonnay flodded the market in the 1990s and people forgot how good a really smooth Chardonnay can be.

In France the most famous white wine, Chablis is made from the Chardonnay grape. Chablis comes from the northernmost wine region of Burgundy. Chablis' reputation is based on the unique relationship between the local soils and the Chardonnay grape. The richer Chablis get their flavour from oak vat maturation.

The Chardonnay grape when grown in chalky soils rich in fossilised shellfish, gives a wine that matures well. The 2004 vintage will be at its best around 2009 or perhaps later, so buying some now to drink in 5 years time is a good idea. Chablis particularly the Chablis from grand Cru and premier Cru vinyards are often bought to lay down and either drink yourself or resell as their value increases.