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Articles on choosing, tasting and enjoying wines, plus ideas of which wines go with which foods.


Grape Varieties - There are more grapes out there than you think.

White Wine ideas and facts about white wine

Red Wine information about red wines of the world

Wine with Chicken - suggestions for wines to drink with chicken dishes

Wine with Beef- intriguing combinations

Wine with Pork- suggestions for wines to drink with roast, grilled and slow cooked pork

Wine with Pasta- Italian ideas for what to drink with the prima piatti

Wine with Fish- It is not just german whites that go with fish dishes

Wine with seafood - Some safe and some adventurous suggestions for wine with shellfish, squid and octopus.

Wine with duck - From Duck a l'orange to chinese crispy duck, there are great wines to suit.

Wine with Game- ideas about what to drink with game dishes

Wine with Rabbit- suggestions for great wines to accompany rabbit.

Wine with Lamb- wines to drink with lamb dishes

Which Wine With Spicy Food?- ideas for wines to complement fiery dishes

Which wine with Cheese? Some suggestions for the cheese dish.

Which Wine With Vegetarian Food?

Wine Glasses - A simple guide

Cabernet Sauvignon a great classic all rounder

Chardonnay - a famously excellent white wine not to be ignored

Viognier - a great wine that almost died out.

Merlot everyone loves merlot.

Pinot Noir the king of red wines

Why don't the French say which grape varieties they are using?

Exotic Wines - there are more than you think

Scotch Whisky - A beginners guide

How to make Cider - It is so easy to make real cider.

Beech leaf Wine

Greengage wine

Bordeaux Wine Tours - come and see (and taste) for yourself

Wine drinkers live more healthily than beer drinkers. Four researchers from the Danish National Institute of Public Health collected 3.5 million grocery receipts from 98 stores during the period September 30, 2002, to February 2003. They spent the next four years analysing the data. The results showed that wine buyers make healthier product choices.

"Our results confirm international studies which show that wine drinkers are more inclined to eat fruits, vegetables and fish and rarely use saturated fats, compared to those who like other kinds of alcoholic beverages," said Erik Skovenborg and Morten Groenbaek.